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Body Rafting First In Indonsesia


   Playing with water, running and race against the river currents and rapids across the test adrenaline. Will bring your body rafting down the river Cijulang along 10 kilometers (km) or 4-5 hours journey.
   The beauty of the valley and the river banks are also more unique can you see yourself, Guha Body Odor Rafting adventure will take you against nature Cukang Taneu (Green Canyon) is still natural.
   We are ready to take you on earth Cukang Taneuh (Green Canyon) by sharing experiences through Guha Body Odor Rafting.

Batu Hiu Beach

  Batu Hiu Beach

     Batu Hiu beach which is known by the Balinese West Java is located in the district of Pangandaran, Batu beach shark is about 14 km from Pangandaran as an attraction option when you come to Pangandaran, located in the village of Parigi Ciliang District, approximately 15 km to the west of Pangandaran beach.
      Batu Hiu beach has very beautiful scenery. From the top of a small hill covered with trees Pandan Wong are already hundreds of years old, we can see the blue of Indonesian Ocean with the pounding of the waves that roll white.

Madasari Beach( Bulak Benda )

Madasari Beach ( Hiden Beach )

     Madasari beach located on the south coast, 39 km from the west coast of Pangandaran, a beach located in remote areas Masawah precisely in the Village, District Cimerak coordinates: 7 46 '35 "S, 108 30' 2" E is covered * with black sand beaches , has a high tide, and has an abundance of charm beautiful beaches ...
      Excellence has a beautiful beach while waves crashing into the rocks with waves cepretan sensation that is very intriguing ...

Green Canyon ( West Java )

Tourism Cukang Taneuh - Green Canyon

  Two cliff carved with results grove of trees growing on it sturdy flanking the river Cijulang. Sunlight that falls onto the surface of a river with green water algae split the giant rocks sticking out, forming beautiful light stripes.
  That's just a bit of charm green canyon, every person who looked always combed with exquisite beauty of the valley that goes in the Kudat district, West Java, exactly in the Village Kertayasa, District Cijulang. This location is 30 Kilometers from the Pangandaran coast.
  To achieve bottomed valley that empties into the river Cijulang Batukaras beach, you can ride a boat from the dock Ciseureuh paste, Kertayasa still in the village, towards the cost of Cukang Taneuh (Green canyon) Rp. 125,000. - / 5 people, 45 minute long boat journey, in a 30 minute PP, at the location 15 minutes, if the main site visitor takes longer than the time the boat trip, visitors got the same boat carger Rp. 200,000. - / Hour.